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Veriwise Ltd is a Claims Management Company that is authorised to deal with Housing Disrepair Claims and you may be charged fees, if successful, for using our service. Fee illustration

Remember you do not have to use a claims management company to make a complaint or claim against your landlord How we manage your housing disrepair claim. How we manage your housing disrepair claim

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We Resolve the issue directly with your landlord Letting Agent or Council So you don't have to.

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Protecting you in your home

As a renter, you have legal rights that not only protects you as a tenant but also ensures you live in a property that is fit for human habitation.

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Protecting your rights

As a tenant, you are protected under laws that were established to help protect you in certain situations.

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Resolving issues so you don't have to

When you rent a property things don’t always go to plan. If you experience an issue it can sometimes prove difficult to get the issue resolved with your landlord or agent.

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